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Lewis & Clark
Lewis and Clark - The Journey of the Corps of Discovery -
The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation -
Lewis and Clark on the Information Superhighway -
The Lewis and Clark Education Center -
The Lewis and Clark Journey of Discovery -
Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Center Resources Page -
The Peabody Museum at Harvard -
Discovering Lewis and Clark -
Freedom Suits and Slavery
Before Dred Scott: Freedom Suits in Antebellum Missouri -
Slavery Petitions Project at U. of North Carolina-Greensboro -
African-American Resources - St. Louis Public Library -
Gilder Lehrman Online - The Origins and Nature of New World Slavery -
Gilder Lehrman Resource Guide -
Images of African-American Slavery and Freedom from the Library of Congress -
Slaves and the Courts - 1740 - 1860 -
Touro College, Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center -
University of Missouri, Thomas Jefferson Library, African Missouri -
City of St. Louis, Preservation Plan for St. Louis, The African American Experience -
University of North Carolina - Greensboro, Race and Slavery Petitions Project -
Antebellum Slavery - Coral Gables High School -
Africans in America -
Finkelman, Paul. Slavery in the Courtroom. (Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 1985)
Finkelman, Paul. Imperfect Union: Slavery, Federalism, and Comity. (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1981)
Gross, Ariela. Double Character: Slavery and Mastery in the Antebellum Southern Courtroom. (Princeton University Press, 2000) -
Foley, William E. "Slave Freedom Suits Before Dred Scott: The Case of Marie Jean Scypion's Descendants." Missouri Historical Review 79 (October 1984), pp. 1-23.
Moore, Robert Jr. "A Ray of Hope Extinguished: St. Louis Slave Suits for Freedom." Gateway Heritage 14 (Winter 1993-94): 4-15.
Schafer, Judith K. Slavery, the Civil Law, and the Supreme Court of Louisiana. (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1994)
Wiecek, William M. The Sources of Antislavery Constitutionalism in America, 1760 - 1848. (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1977)
The Dred Scott Case
Washington University in St. Louis Dred Scott Exhibit -
Fehrenbacher, Don E. The Dred Scott Case, Its Significance in American Law and Politics. (New York: Oxford University Press, 1978)
St. Louis Fur Trade Cases and Native American Suits
Barbour, Barton H. Fort Union and the Upper Missouri Fur Trade (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2001)
Chittenden, Hiram Martin. The American Fur Trade of the Far West, Volume I (reprint) (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1989)
Chittenden, Hiram Martin. The American Fur Trade of the Far West, Volume II (reprint) (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1986)
Clokey, Richard M. William H. Ashley: Enterprise and Politics in the Trans-Mississippi West (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1990)
Dale, Harrison Clifford. The Explorations of William H. Ashley and Jedediah Smith, 1822-1829 (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1991)
De Voto, Bernard. Across the Wide Missouri (reprint). (New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1998)
Foley, William E. The First Chouteaus: River Barons of Early St. Louis (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, c1983)
Forty Years a Fur Trader on the Upper Missouri: Personal Narrative of Charles Larpenteur, 1833-1872 (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1989)
Goetzmann, William H.H. Exploration and Empire: The Explorer and the Scientist in the Winning of the American West (Austin: Texas State Historical Association, 1994)
Mountain Men and Fur Traders of the Far West, edited by LeRoy Hafen (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1982)
Nester, William R. From Mountain Man to Millionaire: The “Bold and Dashing Life” of Robert Campbell (Missouri Biography Series) (Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 1999)
Oglesby, Richard Edward. Manuel Lisa and the Opening of the Missouri Fur Trade (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1963)
Sunder, John E. The Fur Trade on the Upper Missouri, 1840-1865 (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, c1965; 1993 printing)
Thorne, Tanis C. The Many Hands of My Relations: French and Indians on the Lower Missouri (Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 1996)
Utley, Robert M. A Life Wild and Perilous: Mountain Men and the Paths to the Pacific (New York: Owl Books, 2003)
Library of Western Fur Trade Historical Resource Documents: Diaries, Narratives, and Letters of the Mountain Men –
Beavers and Boomtown: Remembering the St. Louis Fur Trade –
French Entrepreneurship in the Post Colonial Fur Trade –
The Fur Trade: “Beaver Powered Mountaineering” –
Rocky Mountain and Plains Indians Fur Trade –
St. Louis and Missouri Historical Resources
St. Louis Probate Court Digitization Project: 1802 - 1900 -
Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Resources -
Mercantile Library at UM-St. Louis -
Western Historical Manuscripts Collection at UM-St. Louis -
Missouri Historical Society -
Saint Louis Public Library St. Louis Resources -
Saint Louis University Pius XII Library -
General Court Records
New Orleans Public Library, Civil and Criminal Court Records -
Working with Primary Historical Resources
Digital Classroom at the National Archives -
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